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All good things must come to an end. So to has my ownership of my baby. In June '99 I sold it, rather that store it for a year (or more), as I am now living in the Marshall Islands. Private vehicles are prohibited here, and impractical as the island is only 3 miles by 1/2 a mile and the average commute is under 2 minutes by bike. I have plans to return to the wonderfull world of Toyota ownership with a newer truck when I return. Until then fairwell my Toyota friends.

I owned a relatively stock '86 Toyota 4x4 longbed.

It is a salvaged title, so was totaled at one time. I have found yellow paint on the back axle and transfer case, so they are junkyard replacements. There was some front end damage on the passenger side, causing a slightly misalign fender and some very minor mangling of the tow hooks and other stuff under the bumper. There was most likely some minor damage to the front passenger side suspension, but as with everything else it has was repaired to good working condition before I bought it. In reinstalling the engine during my rebuild, I had to pretzel the brand new engine mount as bad as the old one was. Apparently the frame is slightly tweaked on the passenger side, but it still drives perfectly.

Problems and maintenance issues I've had (chronological)
Modifications I've done, and other accessories
Future planned modifications

Please E-mail me if you have any suggestions or comments.


Hope to nab a camera and get some pix to scan in, or borrow a digital camera and get some pix on-line soon.

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