A picture of my room (b369 in the OIT dorms). You can see Phatties shoulder and monitor in the bottom left (Cleron 300a @ 375mhz or something, 19gig of HD). Ironman (my Celeron 300a @ 464) is sitting in the center of the room, ontop of the external SCSI tower. Just above my Ironman is my tuner, VCR, and the center channel for my sterio, usually connected to HellHole. Cogline (My P133 Linux box) is to the left of my monitor on the floor to the left of my desk, like Ironman, but hidden at the moment. Pandra's (my roomate) dual Ppro is hiding to the righ of his desk. Right next to it, also hidden, is hellhole, our radio. It is currently a P200mmx running Windows and a ShoutCast server (soon to be changed to Linux and IceCast) and is hooked to 2 external 7 disk 2x CD changers for 1 week of uninteruped non repeating tuneage, when fully loaded. There is of course the old slow P75 laptop with the tweaky HD laying on the bed. On Pandera's shelf we have the HP DeskJet 820C and 12 port hub (only 4 ports free =-). And of course back on my side of the room on the shelf, we have my pride and joy, my SMP toaster oven.