In the the words of the great SPEEDenator

Rest in peace The Fifth Element, the greatest TF clan ever.

The clan is now gone, dispersed only to the annals of time, and our memories. It was fun while it lasted, I'll always fondlyremember you guys and the great times we had. Keep in touch any of you oldschool >V<.

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I am a proud member of the 5thelem.gif (18728 bytes), a tfnow6.gif (24658 bytes) clan. Team Fortress is a big divergence from typical deathmatch Quake. In order to be sucessfull, you not only have skill, but good communication and teamwork with your teamates.

Our clan is very dedicated, and when the chance to meet each other came, for the TFO2, members from all across the United States meet up in Seattle. I drove up with several other OIT students, for about 8 hours. The distance award for the event had to go to >V< Ruiner, who flew in from New York, and the "Are you still sane" award goes to >V< Joust for spending 2 days on a buss to get here from Wisconsin.

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>V< Forever

>V< For life